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Quality Management

business purposes, quality policy and quality objectives

Business purposes:
The company in an efficient, high-quality, sincerity for the purpose, with excellent production capacity, scientific planning, design, advanced technology and excellent service, the greatest degree of meet customer requirements.

Our quality policy:
Full participation, quality and excellence;
Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Company quality objectives:
Process pass rate ≥98%

Customer return rate ≤1%

Satisfaction ≥90

On time delivery rate ≥ 100% 


In order to effectively implement the commitment, we require the company to all employees do: continue to review, continuous improvement and progress, keeping in mind the principle of respect for the program together to improve the quality of products and services to achieve targets.

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Add:Hengli Town.Tian tou Bei chong industry zone ,Dongguan city
Main Business: Precision metal processing,Consumer Electronics accessories ,Automoniles accessories,Optical communication,Medical Devices accessories and Model airplan accessories
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